Cult Cthulhu

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PUTERAEON - Cult Cthulhu
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Second album of this Swedish Underground Death Metal cult. For fans of EDGE OF SANITY, Zombies, GRAVE, H.P.Lovecraft, BOLT THROWER, CARNAGE, PAGANIZER and NIHILIST.

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PUTER (lat.) = rotten, decayed, putrid, loose, crumbling, flabby

PUTERAEON, spawned back in early 2008, are back once again. After 3 demos and the acclaimed debut album "The Esoteric Order" the death cult from Alingsås/Sweden strikes again with the new filthy, spit and pus oozing album "Cult Cthulhu". The album which consists of 11 songs reek of pure old school death metal, just like "The Esoteric Order".

"We wanted this one to have a more brutal, dirty and fucked up sound", says vocalist and guitarist Jonas Lindblood who's accompanied by Rune Foss (guitars & backing vocals), Daniel Vandija (bass) and Anders "The HammerofGs" Malmström (drums).

The working process of building the material has been more a band effort this time and not as earlier done almost completely by Lindblood.

"Everybody has had their say in the writing process even though most of the material is written by me and Rune. I think this band has matured since our last album was recorded. But don't worry - trust me - we sound fucking more insanely filthy and rotten then ever" says Lindblood.

The album was recorded by Kristian "Risza" Isaksson in his RZA Mobile Recordings and later mixed and mastered at Sonic Train Studios by Andy LaRocque. Guest vocals include PAGANIZERs Rogga Johansson on the track "Walking with shadows".

Are you ready to enter the "Cult Cthulhu"?! The darkness is rising on June 1st.
Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fthagn!

Track list Total runtime
1 - The great epidemic of 1846 5:01
2 - Children of dragon 3:47
3 - The Azathoth cycle 4:42
4 - Shoggoth 5:01
5 - Flesh architect 3:09
6 - In the bault 5:12
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