Into the catacombs

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PAGANIZER - Into the catacombs
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Typical Swedish death metal without any touch of modernity whatsoever! For fans of RIBSPREADER or GRAVE.

More info:

In 1994 Terminal Grip was started. Four years and two demos later the band was transformed into PAGANIZER, a beast that steadily started to spew forth thrashing death metal the oldschool way. During the late 90s and the 00s several releases was released on several labels, albums like ‘Deadbanger’, ‘Promoting Total Death’, ‘Dead Unburied’, ‘Murder Death Kill’, ‘No Divine Rapture’ and ‘Carnage Junkie’ solidified their brand of ugly brutal yet catchy death metal. After a European tour through Spain and Portugal the band reformed after a short break and signed to Cyclone Empire who released the ‘Scandinavian Warmachine’ album. Now its time to expand the filth and spew forth the new album "Into the catacombs". 12 new songs, all ranging from oldschool Swedish death metal to crusty grinding attacks and more epic massive beasts. Be ready for the next blast of this undeniable death-machine!

Rogga Johansson - Vocals, Guitars
Andreas Carlsson - Lead Guitars
Jocke Ringdahl - Drums
Anders Brisheim - Bass

Stormfire - Demo 1998
Deadbanger - Album 1999
In Glory's Arms, We Will Fall - Split 1999
Warlust - unreleased EP, 1999
Promoting Total Death - Album 2001
Dead Unburied - Album 2002
Murder Death Kill - Album 2003
Death Forever - The Pest of Paganizer - Best of/Compilation 2004
No Divine Rapture - Album 2004
Deadbanger / Promoting Total Death / Dead Unburied / Warlust - Compilation 2005
Chapel Of Blood - Split 2006
Unglaube / Split Wide Open - Split 2008
Born to be Buried Alive - EP 2008
Basic Instructions for Dying - Demo/unreleased compilation 2008
Carnage Junkie - Album 2008
Scandinavian Warmachine - Album 2009
Sore / Paganizer Split-7” 2009
Imperial Anthems Vol.1: Demonical vs. Paganizer Split-7“ 2010

From the Nuclear Blast magazine:

BRUTALISM.COM - 4 / 5 points
“In a recent spate of Swedish Death Metal releases, Paganizer show some of the pretenders how it is all done, the quality of the material is constant, heavy and oh so pleasurable. So to put this into one sentence, if you like old school Swedish death metal then buying ‘Into the Catacombs’ is an easy decision… fact.”

Track list Total runtime
1 - Total lovecraftian armageddon 2:16
2 - Their skin suits me 3:37
3 - Panzer truck 3:54
4 - Mägrattor 3:12
5 - The carrion parlor 3:12
6 - Winter of disembowelment 3:08
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