Back from the abyss

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ORANGE GOBLIN - Back from the abyss
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  • Genre:Doom/Stoner/70ies
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The brilliant 8th studio album from legendary London hard rockers, ORANGE GOBLIN!

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The brilliant 8th studio album from legendary London hard rockers, ORANGE GOBLIN!!!

""Back from the Abyss" is the sound of Orange Goblin firing on all cylinders! From the Sabbathian, weighty-groove of "Sabbath Hex", the Motorhead-styled punk snarl of "The Devil's Whip", the epic, Maiden-esque gallop of "Mythical Knives", through to the apocalyptic Doom of "The Shadow Over Innsmouth"; this is the best of all of our individual influences pulled together. We have created the definitive Orange Goblin album.

Following the great, worldwide reception of "A Eulogy For The Damned" and the subsequent 2 years of touring everywhere, we knew we had a lot to live up to. But we were prepared and entered the studio armed with an arsenal of killer riffs! They are all present on this album, continuing the Orange Goblin trend of never being afraid to move forward or trying something new. By doing so we have created a unique, heavy sound that lies somewhere between doom, stoner, classic metal, 70's inspired heavy-rock, punk, blues and everything in between.

We worked with producer Jamie Dodd at The Animal Farm in London again as he did such a great job on the last record and I think he has even gone one better this time around! Adding Jamies amazing production to the outstanding performances and songwriting of the band, we have made an album we are all very proud of.

Our last album gave the band new life and sent us off into the unknown. This new album sees Orange Goblin stretching the limits once more.........

Back from the Abyss and ready to rock all over again!!" - BEN WARD (vocals)

Track list Total runtime
1 - Sabbath Hex 4:47
2 - Übermensch 3:56
3 - The Devil's Whip 2:14
4 - Demon Blues 4:40
5 - Heavy Lies The Crown 6:18
6 - Into The Arms Of Morpheus 7:06
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