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OPERA IX - Anphisbena
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  • Genre:Black Metal, Mittelalter / Folk
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Kommt inkl. der BATHORY-Coverversion "One rode to Asa Bay".

More info:

After 2002's "Maleventum" and another substantial line-up revolution, OPERA IX is back with "ANPHISBENA".

The album introduces M the Bard on vocals and Dalamar on drums, new alleys of the long time comrades Ossian (guitar), Vlad (bass) and Lunaris (keyboards).

OPERA IX's fifth studio album was greatly recorded at Only-Music Studio in Italy, an unusual studio for metal bands that granted them an extra wide and clean acoustic.
The album in fact features various takes of cellos, harp, woodflutes,
bodhran, uillieann pipe and lyric female vocals.

As for every OPERA IX album, also Anphisbena comes with a deep and extra worked lyrical concept:
Anphisbena, namely The Cult of the Bi-Headed Serpent.

Worth a mention is the incredible cover they made for BATHORY's "One Road to Asa Bay".

Track list Total runtime
1 - Many Moons Ago
2 - The Serpent's Nemeton
3 - The prophecy
4 - In Hoc Signa Sanguinis
5 - Immortal chant
6 - Scell Lem 'duibh (Song Of Death)
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