Whiteworm cathedral

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NECROPHAGIA - Whiteworm cathedral
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Sixth full-length album by the pioneers of Death and Horror Metal, NECROPHAGIA.

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NECROPHAGIA are back to haunt you! The masters of death metal horror invite you to bang to the Sabbath on a coffin night, when the evil priest and the rat witch raise the dead among us! Three years in the making, 'WhiteWorm Cathedral' underwent a number of setbacks which hindered the recording sessions, but the result was well worth the wait. NECROPHAGIA have generally taken another step back to a more straightforward approach. Although their latest full-length 'Deathtrip 69' (2011) was generally met with roaring applause, the band decided to reduce the atmospheric samples to the necessary, while focusing on songwriting and catchiness to deliver more old school death metal with a blasphemous groove and killing hooks. The time has come to light those black candles, chant the incantations and watch the 'WhiteWorm Cathedral' rise! Amen, Brother Killjoy!

Track list Total runtime
1 - Reborn through black mass 3:55
2 - BNN 3:40
3 - Angel blake 3:59
4 - Warlock Messiah 3:19
5 - Fear the priest 4:34
6 - Elder things 3:30
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