The return of the witch

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NECRONOMICON - The return of the witch
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  • Genre:Black Metal, Death Metal
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Aggressive black/death metal for fans of DiIMMU BORGIR and BEHEMOTH!

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Necronomicon celebrates the return of the witch with dark rituals and obscure incantations, transforming this debut album into an excessive orgy. Frenzied blastbeats, deadly double bass interludes, all-crushing riffs, and brutal vocals welcome the listener into the blasphemous world of Necronomicon. Complete with a bestial sound, the band easily combines their caliginous vision and uncompromising heaviness to create a tenebrous inferno that pays homage to the dark powers with commanding intensity. The artwork follows this lead to impressively capture the murky atmosphere. "The Return of the Witch" is an aggressive and destructive black/death metal work ready to fascinate even the most discerning fans of Dimmu Borgir and Behemoth.

Rob the Witch - lead vocals, guitar
D - bass
Rick - drums

Track list Total runtime
1 - Into the fire 4:54
2 - The awakening 4:50
3 - The time is now 3:14
4 - Necropolis 4:14
5 - The order of the moon 7:09
6 - The return of the witch 4:21
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