The 7 deadly sins

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NECRODEATH - The 7 deadly sins
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  • Genre:Black Metal, Thrash Metal
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The new effort goes back to the band’s roots, delivering 7 fast and brutal songs centering around the 7 sins. For the first time ever, the band used their Italian mother tongue to write most of the lyrics, as well as English and Latin, giving a different edge to the music itself. Also, 2 classic songs from the band’s catalogue have been re-recorded by the new line-up and included in the tracklist, ‘Thanatoid’ from ‘Fragments Of Insanity’ (1989) and ‘Graveyard Of The Innocents’ from ‘Into The Macabre’ (1987). The artwork features a provocative shot of renowned porn star Mila Ramos.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Sloth 3:16
2 - Lust 5:33
3 - Envy 4:04
4 - Pride 4:44
5 - Wrath 2:25
6 - Gluttony 5:18
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