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Featuring the band’s previously internet-only released two EPs - 2007’s "Interlude Premier" and 2012’s  "Interlude Second" - for the first time on CD, "Zero" will allow many MONOLITHEfollowers to listen to those songs for the first time, as well as two cover songs, one of them never having been released before. Originally released in two sections, "Interlude Second" 's song "Harmony Of Null Matter" is delivered in its full, uninterrupted 36 minutes version. The entire track list has been remastered and wrapped-up in fantastic new artwork by visual master Robert Høyem.

Track list Total runtime
1 - So Sprach Zarathustra (Sunrise) 3:05
2 - Monolithic Pillars 19:35
3 - Edges 6:44
4 - Harmony Of Null Matter 36:00
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