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Impact velocity

MENACE - Impact velocity
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MENACE, the brainchild of NAPALM DEATH guitarist Mitch Harris, present their adventurous debut full-length album 'Impact Velocity'. Within their driving, creative heavy rock, Harris and MENACE explore dissonance, melody, and relate to the width and breadth of human emotion and experience. Tracks such as "I Live With Your Ghost", "Painted Rust", and "To The Marrow" are infectious anthems with immediate hooks and catchy melodies which should appeal to a far larger audience than Harris usual fanbase. Not just an outstanding collection of modern heavy rock songs, 'Impact Velocity' is an album that dares to challenge expectations. In the words of Harris' himself, "MENACE is a statement, a way of saying that there is always a way forward, no matter how difficult it seems. If you are still alive, then there is still something to achieve." Expect the unexpected!

Track list Total runtime
1 - I live with your ghost 3:41
2 - Painted rus 3:30
3 - Multiple clarity 3:24
4 - To the marrow 3:53
5 - I won't see the sun 2:47
6 - Drowing in density 4:43
7 - Psitron 4:20
8 - Everything and nothing 4:05
9 - Within context 3:49
10 - Malicious code 3:31
11 - Impact velocity 3:53
12 - Seamless integration (Full Version) 5:28
13 - Insult to injury 3:36
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