The darkest room

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MANIMAL - The darkest room
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“QUEENSRYCHE goes Power Metal!”

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Rarely newcomer bands get the deserved recognition right from the start, but MANIMAL are different. In their home country of Sweden the melodic metal band´s debut album directly rushed from 0 to #36 in the official charts and paved the way for a promising career. “The Darkest Room” was released at the end of February in Sweden only, now after signing a contract with AFM Records, this brilliant piece of work will be made available worldwide. The album consists of nine tracks which are all characterized by the very typical MANIMAL sound - hard, melodic and with some progressive elements. With “The Darkest Room” MANIMAL breaks new grounds in the well established and distinctive Gothenburg metal scene. The group MANIMAL was founded in Gothenburg in 2001, when singer Samuel Nyman affiliated to the band already consisting of Henrik Stenroos on guitar, Richard Mentzer on drums and Pether Menzer on bass. Soon the band found Samuel’s characteristic high pitch style of singing complemented the band’s music in a superb manner. MANIMAL soon begun to write new material and recorded a number of demo CDs which all got excellent reviews by music websites and numerous established music magazines, among them Close-Up magazine and Groove.In 2008 the band felt ready to record their first full length album, so the working process with “The Darkest Room” started and went on along most of the year. “With our high standards on how we wanted the album to sound, the production went on for a longer period of time than we had expected. Still we didn’t want to rush the process. We decided to use all the time we needed to come out with a satisfying final product”, speaks singer Samuel Nyman. The modern and hard sound of the album is the result of the band’s corporation with the producer Tobias Lindell, known for his previous works together with, among others the band Mustasch, and at this moment he is also known as the producer of the upcoming Europe album. Through hard work MANIMAL has made themselves a name to count on when it comes to live performances. After appearances at Sweden Rock festival and Metaltown among others, and also with countless gigs as supporting act for bands like Mustach, Entombed, The Poodles and Circus Maximus to name a few; here finally is the debut album which so many have been waiting on. “Over a long period of time now we have learned that there is a huge interest in, and that people are requesting, the kind of metal that we represent. This knowledge of course has made our belief in what we are doing even stronger”, explains guitarist Henrik Stenroos. The release party for “The Darkest Room” was held at Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg on February 27th. It was the take-off event to numerous performances in the spring and summer of 2009.


Samuel Nyman – vocals
Henrik Stenroos – guitar
Richard Mentzer – drums
Pether Mentzer – bass

Track list Total runtime
1 - Shadows 4:29
2 - The Darkest Room 4:54
3 - Living dead 3:40
4 - I am 4:35
5 - Ordinary man 4:07
6 - Human nature 4:27
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