Mary Celeste

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MANDRAKE - Mary Celeste
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2007 is going to be a stormy year for MANDRAKE! While their 2005 album “The Balance Of Blue” already showed the huge potential of Oldenburg’s Gothic Metal quintet, their third album „Mary Celeste“ is really getting down to business.

The group celebrates an album full of gripping, highly emotional Gothic Metal, never falling for weepy self-pity or melodramatic genre clichés, instead always taking the offensive in a self-conscious, powerful, and energetic manner. The way is paved by the driving opener, ‘Mary Celeste’, and songs such as the dramatic and stirring ‘Forgiven’, the optimistic and euphoric ‘Masquerade’ and the emotional closer of the album, the piano ballad ‘Paralyzed’, are just some songs of the constantly strong “Mary Celeste” impressively proving MANDRAKE’s musical power in 2007.

MANDRAKE’s nearly perfect mixture of heaviness, atmosphere, groove and melody makes “Mary Celeste” one of the strongest Gothic Metal albums of the year. And it’s much more than that: by strength of this album, MANDRAKE will manage with aplomb to step out of the shadows of the scene’s big names and rightfully claim their place in the top flight of the genre!

Birgit Lau - vocals
Lutz De Putter - vocals, guitar
Julius Martinek - guitar
Jörg Uken - drums, keyboard
Garvin Bösch - bass

Track list Total runtime
1 - Mary Celeste 6:27
2 - Crystals of forgiveness 4:34
3 - Fragile 5:42
4 - Forgiven 4:00
5 - Adore 3:52
6 - Masquerade 5:13
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