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LACUNA COIL - The EPs - Lacuna Coil/Halflife
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The two classic EPs by one of the leading metal bands in the world are reissued onto on magnificent cd. Get both of these gems on the same disc and see where this astonishing band started. This also includes photogalleries and wallpapers for your computer! (2005)

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Italy’s LACUNA COIL have had skyrocketing worldwide success over the last two years. In the U.S. alone, their album, “Comalies”, has SoundScanned more than a remarkable 200,000 copies, due in part to the extraordinary radio and video success of both powerful singles, "Heaven's A Lie" and "Swamped." Directed by Patric Ullaeus (Within Temptation, Lutricia McNeal, Nana, Scooter, Natural, Bro’Sis, Sasha and more), the videos were played and replayed by music TV stations worldwide. Touring the U.S. relentlessly over the last two years, LACUNA COIL has shared the stage with metal veterans Anthrax, Opeth, P.O.D. and Type O Negative. Topping these experiences was their slot on the second stage of 2004’s Ozzfest, where they consistently outsold all the other second stage acts and were informally crowned Ozzfest’s breakout artist. Europe saw the glorious Italians touring with metal favourites Sentenced and Moonspell.
Currently busy recording their new album, Century Media is proud to reissue the band’s magnificent back catalogue, complete with new artwork.

Their first demo won the band a multi-album recording deal in 1996 with Century Media, and, at this time, the band changed their name from Ethereal to LACUNA COIL (trans. empty spiral), which they felt matched their passionate music. Hinting at explosive things to come, press reactions to the EP, recorded in Hagen’s Woodhouse Studios (Tiamat, Sentenced, The Gathering) by long-time producer Waldemar Sorychta (Moonspell, Therion), were amazing.
Prior to the release of their 1999 debut full-length album, “In A Reverie”, second guitarist Marco “Maus” Biazzi joined the band, during one of the most eventful times in their career. Marco’s trial by fire was the band’s album release party at Milan’s Rolling Stone, where they performed for 1,500 enthusiastic fans. With a solid line-up, the band proved their wide appeal by touring Europe that year with Skyclad and then with Grip Inc. and Samael. The band was also honoured with an appearance at the legendary Dynamo Open Air, a dream come true, wherein they bewitched some 20,000 people with their outstanding 11:30 PM performance (Prime Time Day 1, and a campsite extravaganza). Inspired by this success, the band gave intense performances at Wacken Open Air and at Italy’s biggest and most important festival, The Gods of Metal, amazing crowds.
LACUNA COIL hit the road again, touring with Swiss gothic gods Lacrimosa, selling out almost every night. Upon returning home, they commenced working on their “Halflife” EP, choosing to record it at Damage Inc. Studio (Anathema) in Ventimiglia, again with Waldemar Sorychta. This relaxed tiny northern Italian town put them in the perfect mood to create such a diverse piece of musical history, which includes the mid-90’s radio-hit Dubstar’s “Stars” (with LACUNA’s own dark twist). The band also recorded fan favourite “Senzafine,” sung completely in Italian, still a favourite when performed in the band’s live set.
Returning to Woodhouse Studios, rejoining forces with Waldemar Sorychta, the band recorded their second full-length album “Unleashed Memories.” Presenting a sharper edge and a renewed guitar attack, “Unleashed Memories” heralded a new dawn for LACUNA COIL as the rarest of breeds; a leader in a world of “here today, gone tomorrow” followers. Relentless touring once again followed with Theatre Of Tragedy and the Metal Odyssee tour, which included Nevermore, In Flames and Dimmu Borgir, before they recorded their breakthrough third album “Comalies”.

Enter the Coil and enjoy some classic tunes from the Italian Goth Fathers!

Track list Total runtime
1 - No Need To Explain 3:39
2 - The Secret... 4:17
3 - This Is My Dream 4:08
4 - Soul Into Hades 4:54
5 - Falling 5:40
6 - Un Fantasma Tra Noi (A Ghost Between Us) 5:23
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