Filthy notes for frozen hearts

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LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE - Filthy notes for frozen hearts
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LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE returns in 2006 with "Filthy Notes for Frozen Hearts". Produced by John Fryer (HIM, Nine Inch Nails, Paradise Lost, Cradle of Filth, Depeche Mode), the album according to the legendary producer "...has an inmense potential to become very successfuleven more successful than HIM with Razorblade Romance". Comes as a limited edition including bonus track, video and making-of!

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LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE's latest work "Filthy Notes for Frozen Hearts" was produced by none other than John Fryer (HIM, Depeche Mode, Paradise Lost, Cradle of Filth), who had this to say: "...this album has an inmense potential to become very successful—even more successful than HIM with Razorblade Romance". This statement is by no means an exaggeration, as one can expect much from "Filthy Notes for Frozen Hearts". Following the success of "Ave End", the band has continued to move forward, as the new album, and especially the catchy single, "Again It's Over", proves. "Filthy Notes for Frozen Hearts" is a masterful concoction of bittersweet melodies, heavy riffs, and LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE's signature lyrics, skillfully performed by lead vocalist Christopher, who attains the perfect balance between melancholy pure and absolute anger. At times aggressive, but always lively, the album is the perfect example of how a band should go about combining the elements of Gothic Rock with an irresistible groove. LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE can finally now safely assume their position at the top of the list.

oliver nikolas: lead & cleanguitars
christopher: vocals
christian: keyboards
daniel: bass
tony: guitars
korl: drums

Track list Total runtime
1 - My Velvet Little Darkness
2 - Again it's over (Album version)
3 - Not to stay
4 - No dear hearts
5 - Short glance
6 - Filthy notes
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