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"The new album by Kampfar is finally ready. It has been a long voyage to get here and many new elements have been added to the Kampfar-world during the last years, all of which have contributed to Kampfar anno 2006. We have taken our time finding the right path for us, and we believe we have kept the Kampfar spirit intact. Our music has evolved, yet we feel the same for the music now as we did with the earlier works. The attitude is that of nature, in it’s many shapes and forms. The attitude of the free spirit, the attitude of belief in oneself, for the sake of oneself. The work on this album has been executed with the help of producer Rune Jørgensen, in Silvertone Studio, in the 400 year old fortress town of Gamle Fredrikstad. The whole recording and mixing process took us 3 months, and as always in this situation it has been a demanding period. But we’re here now, looking forward to getting out to the stages around Europe and meet the good people that tend to show up wherever we play. The whole playing schedule of the Ravnferd tour will soon be announced."

From the BLAST! magazine:

KAMPFAR's music is inspired by nordic natural beauty, folklore and myths. It is dark, cold, menancing, and yet alluring in a unique way. KAMPFAR was never a band to follow trends and the commercialization of Black Metal left them unimpressed. These Norwegians belong to the forerunners of the genre, though they cannot be compared to any one specific band. KAMPFAR does not place the most importance on speed, as do others, but rather on expression and content. "Kvass" is a self-contained mix of raw Black Metal and Pagan Metal embossed with traditional folkloric influences. But don't categorize them as Viking Metal. KAMPFAR's music is and remains Norse Pagan Folklore Metal and "Kvass" proves that compromises are unnecessary in creating greatness.


Dolk – Vocals
Thomas - Guitars
Jon – Bass
11 13 - Rhythm

Track list Total runtime
1 - Lyktemenn 8:14
2 - Til Siste Mann 7:33
3 - Ravenheart 6:44
4 - Ildverden 9:46
5 - Hat Og Avind 6:14
6 - Gaman Av Drommer 7:30
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