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A star-crossed wasteland

IN THIS MOMENT - A star-crossed wasteland
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Metalcore/Deathcore, Modern Metal/Rock


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One group that has definitely paid their fair share of dues is the Southern California based quintet IN THIS MOMENT who, through hard work, resiliency and an undying worldwide touring schedule have propelled themselves to the top of the heap of the metal pantheon. They have now returned with their most dynamic and focused offering, which quickly proves that this unit has greatly matured well beyond their years.

IN THIS MOMENT spent the early part of 2010 at The Wolve’s Den studio once again with acclaimed producer Kevin Churko (OZZY OSBOURNE, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH) recording A Star-Crossed Wasteland, an album hailed by Alternative Press as “One of The Most Anticipated Releases of 2010.”

The group are extremely excited to be performing on this summer’s Rockstar Mayhem Tour playing on the Mayhem Festival Stage alongside KORN, ROB ZOMBIE and ATREYU. This US-tour will mark the start of the group’s official, massive worldwide touring cycle.

Chris Howorth (guitars) further states: “The writing process for A Star-Crossed Wasteland was different than on our previous records. This time we had more of a plan and we knew we wanted to write darker heavier songs while still keeping our melodic side. We started working on new music last August right after Warped Tour ended and wrote continuously for five months to get as many song ideas on tape as possible. We ended up with about 15 demo songs. Once we got into the studio with Kevin we dissected everything again to make sure everyone was happy with the arrangements and then started tracking.

“For us, using Kevin Churko was a no brainer, we had such a great experience making The Dream that we didn't even consider using anyone else. I've said it before and I will say it again, Kevin is the man. He is like the Gandolf the Grey or Yoda of producing. He has so much knowledge and is so creative musically we feel like magic happens when we work together.

“I am extremely happy with the end result. We made a record that shows who we are and what we are really about. We feel like it's our defining statement. We really put a lot of effort into making sure the guitars were massive and the drums were slamming while still retaining the depth and melodic layers in the songs. Vocally and lyrically Maria was very emotional and coming from a darker place than on previous albums, and she really poured her heart out and as usual you can tell that it’s 100% genuine.”

One always hears the same old adage growing up: “believe in your dreams, because dreams really do come true.” Well, this statement perfectly defines the life of IN THIS MOMENT’s frontwoman, Maria Brink, who always believed that she would become a rock star, and overcome all of the obstacles that stood in her way while having to escape an overall non-positive environment.

Brink, an Albany, NY native, refused to let any of this deter her from achieving her lifelong goal and soon embarked for Los Angeles to begin her musical career. After a number of odd jobs and failed creative partnerships her life soon took a sudden turn upon meeting guitarist Chris Howorth in 2005, as the two immediately realized that they had something special together. This union would soon be rounded out by Jeff Fabb (drums), Blake Bunzel (guitars) and Jesse Landry (bass) to form IN THIS MOMENT, who just three years later performed to a sold-out crowd at the renowned Madison Square Garden opening for OZZY OSBOURNE, ultimately proving dreams do come true.

Their invigorating mixture of metal and hard rock quickly caught the attention of metal and hard rock fans alike. The diversity and depth was refreshing and simply undeniable. In 2010, they continue to carve out their own unique and exhilarating chapter in the hard rock genre, laying the foundation for an extremely bright future. Original bassist Jesse Landry left the band after Warped Tour in 2009 to pursue non music related endeavors but Kyle Konkiel quickly joined the fold and instantly became a perfect fit. This group is collectively defined by their undying belief in themselves and this confidence and strength is conveyed perfectly through their new material.

For IN THIS MOMENT, the dream was always to become a worldwide phenomenon and that is something that will never fade, especially with this new effort. If you haven’t heard of IN THIS MOMENT, it won’t be long until you do because this band is at the brink of greatness.

Maria Brink – Vocals
Chris Howorth – Guitars
Blake Bunzel – Guitars
Jeff Fabb – Drums
Kyle Konkiel – Bass

Track list Total runtime
1 - The Gun Show 4:46
2 - Just Drive 3:27
3 - The Promise 4:28
4 - Standing Alone 3:51
5 - A Star-Crossed Wasteland 4:31
6 - Blazin' 4:20
7 - The Road 4:04
8 - Iron Army 3:27
9 - The Last Cowboy 3:54
10 - World In Flames 5:20
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