Embrace the fall

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HURTLOCKER - Embrace the fall
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Thrash, dude: "Embrace the fall" unites tradition with modernity without dropping a brick!

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With their second album "Embrace the Fall", Chicago's extreme thrashers HURTLOCKER deliver exactly that for which they are known: extreme Thrash Metal garnished with blast beats, brutal death blows and a large helping of aggression. In the midst of such heavy riffs, only one can survive: Vocalist Grant Belcher, who growls like a rabid Pitbull throughout the songs. Expect no lovely melodies, no ballads, and no time for repose. HURTLOCKER only operates at full power, unleashing a bellicose celebration for fans of truly extreme Metal. "Embrace the Fall" is a musical blow to the face and HURTLOCKER is the fist.

Track list Total runtime
1 - I am Napalm
2 - They
3 - At last
4 - Let Them Die
5 - Disgust
6 - Outside are the dogs
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