All my kingdoms

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HEAVATAR - All my kingdoms
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Classic inspired Power Metal project from VAN CANTO mastermind Stefan Schmidt. Feat. Jörg Michael (Ex-STRATOVARIUS).

More info:

HEAVATAR is the new project from VAN CANTO Mastermind Stefan Schmidt, who exchanges the "A Cappella" sounds with loud guitars on "All my Kingdoms": The debut offers modern Power Metal. Each song borrows – some more, some less – a motif from classical composers – ranging from Bach to Paganini and Beethoven. On "All my Kingdoms", Stefan takes care of rhythm guitar and vocals, and is supported by drummer Jörg Michael (Ex-STRATOVARIUS) amongst other musicians. The epic songs are filled with mighty choirs, which are performed by members of the BLIND GUARDING choir-team and of course, Stefan’s friends in VAN CANTO. The artwork was created by the renowned fantasy artist Kerem Beyit. "All my Kingdoms" is a celebration for Power Metal fans, who love catchy refrains, epic choirs, classic tunes, heavy riffs and thundering double-bass. The debut will also take supports of different genres by storm – to the Metal!

Track list Total runtime
1 - Replica 4:38
2 - Abracadabra 3:35
3 - All My Kingdoms 4:10
4 - Elysium At Dawn 4:20
5 - Long Way Home 5:34
6 - Born To Fly 4:19
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