Heaven to earth

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GREGORY LYNN HALL - Heaven to earth
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Gregory Lynn Hall, Southern Californian solo artist and singer for 101 South, has had a long history in the music industry, thriving in all areas from studio work to live shows. Gregory first started off singing gospel on his grandma’s piano with his 2 cousins at just 3 years old, but as an instrumentalist, playing drums and soon moving on to guitar, then bass, keyboards, and as producer, he has gone from strength to strength, finding his niche in the late 70s, then moving on into the 80s, 90’s and throughout the last 10 years. Initially helping to polish the band Rat Sally in the early 80s, Gregory pounded the Hollywood scene playing rock venues as auspicious as Gazzaris, the Troubadour, The Country Club and many more, playing shows with bands like Poison, Warrant and many of the 80s Hollywood ‘rocker’ crowd. After the Seattle grunge sound came and changed the whole music scene, and having moved to the mid-west where he found many new opportunities in Nashville, he then became a well sought after session vocalist, singing on many well-known Christian rock albums including Carman, whilst also becoming one of the most sought after jingle / commercial vocalists in the mid-west, with many local and national jingles to his name. In the late 90s, he was found back in Hollywood, reuniting with Rat Sally and even recording a new EP with the band that was celebrated by a reunion show at the world famous Pelicans Retreat in 1995; but it would be the session work that would define him and lead to a meeting with Roger Scott Craig, which in 1999 prompted the birth of 101 South. Shortly after the first 101 South album, Gregory was then asked to join Heaven And Earth (Stuart Smith, Richie Onori, Kelly Keeling), as bass player and toured with them to support the "Windows To The World" album, which culminated with an All Star show for the orphans of 911 in Hollywood. Gregory has had the honour (over many years), of performing on stage, and working with; Keith Emerson (ELP), Howard Leese (Heart), Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge), Spencer Davis, Steve Priest (Sweet), Craig Goldy (Guiffria, Dio, Budgie), Don Cromwell (Eddie Money, Air Supply), Jeff Duncan (Armored Saint) and many other world class musicians, and on this new record, a summary of his many achievements, Goldy and Duncan both appear assisting in what is a stirring mix of powerful rock and bold classic material. Gregory has also had the pleasure of working in some of the best studios in the world; Indigo Ranch, Malibu, The Church, Tulsa, just two, but this time it was off to Hall Closet Studios in Las Vegas, and a mix by Mike Turner at the ‘Chicken Shack’ in California that gives this album its finish and its polish. Gregory worked recently with Eddie Money in the studio and also teamed up with Roger Scott Craig to make another 101 South album (in 2002) called “Roll Of The Dice (followed by a third with a set of world class guest musicians including Ian Bairnson (from the Allan Parsons Project) and Chris Thompson (Manfred Mann). Now though it’s his time to shine with a collection of very personal material, and although this comes over with a little harder edge than 101 South it’s set to be another great success for this most versatile of musicians.

Track list Total runtime
1 - You got me runnin' 3:35
2 - Rockin' the road 4:18
3 - Stars in the night 5:23
4 - Heaven to Earth 5:30
5 - I thought I saw Heaven 4:12
6 - Love can 5:33
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