Spread the fire!!!

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FUELED BY FIRE - Spread the fire!!!
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Old school Thrash Metal in the vein of "Kill 'em all"!

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August 13th (Europe) and 10th (G/A/S/I) will be under the sign of the old school! FUELED BY FIRE is a young band fresh on the Metal Blade roster who play such a traditional style that it would have knocked out METALLICA even during their “Kill ‘em All” days! With song titles such as “Thrash Is Back” and the title track “Spread The Fire!!!” they wear their hearts on their sleeves, proving each second what they are capable of. Honest and heavily thrashing, FUELED BY FIRE are summoning the rebirth of thrash metal!
With close to 85,000 plays on MySpace.com and an irresistible 80s attitude (the cover of “Spread The Fire!!!” alone says it all about the band and their authenticity) FUELED BY FIRE have already been able to secure a slot on the German cult festival Keep It True 2008! Thrash or be thrashed!

Track list Total runtime
1 - Ernest goes to hell
2 - Thrash is back
3 - Striking death
4 - Spread the fire
5 - Betrayal
6 - Massive execution
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