Heavy equipment

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EUCLID - Heavy equipment
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Euclid "Heavy Equipment" CD reissue of little known classic hard rock psychedelic record originally released on the Flying Dutchman label in 1970. Holy hell that first track is a real winner clocking in at over 11 minutes and blasting forth with real monster heavy riffs at the 3/4 way mark! The whole album is a pretty solid hard rocker too with loud drums, bass and guitars! "Jay and Gary Leavitt, along with Bobby Herne, made their first musical rumblings in 1966 as the Cobras, releasing the New England garage classic "I Wanna Be Your Lover"/"Instant Heartache". Fast-forward to 1970 and the brothers, joined by Ralph Mazotta (ex-Lazy Smoke) and Harold Perino Jr. (aka "Maris"), transformed into the hard psychedelic aggro Euclid, signed to Bob Thiele's Flying Dutchman subsidiary Amsterdam and were one of the few (only?) "rock" releases on either label (a notable exception being the rare Minx soundtrack by The Cyrkle). Herne, manning the producer's chair (a role he would later repeat for The Shaggs' Philosophy Of The World LP), created a "bad trip" spiked with backwards tape effects, darkly-phased vocals, all instruments set to "pummel" and an album title certainly eligible for the "truth in advertising" award! Tread carefully dear listener, as Gary, Bobby, Maris and Bob have all passed on due to various circumstances over the years..."

Track list Total runtime
1 - Shadows of life 3:03
2 - On the way 4:26
3 - Bye bye baby 4:01
4 - Gimme some lovin' 3:40
5 - First time last time 2:53
6 - Lazy livin' 5:59
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