Infatuation with malevolence RE-RELEASE

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DYING FETUS - Infatuation with malevolence RE-RELEASE
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"Infatuation with Malevolence" collects DYING FETUS’ earliest demos into one crucial collection of punishing American Death Metal. Now repackaged with liner notes from the band, expanded art and photography, and two previously-unreleased bonus tracks from the bands early days!

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One of the most infamous and influential death metal bands of the past 10 years, DYING FETUS pummel and pound their signature-style brutality into the worldwide landscape with the subtlety of full-fledged war. Descend into Depravity takes DYING FETUS to new sonic levels, and is easily the bands finest hour.
(Quelle/Origin: DYING FETUS Facebook)

Track list Total runtime
1 - Eviscerated Offspring 5:05
2 - Your Blood Is My Wine 5:30
3 - ...And The Weak Shall Be Crushed 4:52
4 - Purged Of My Worldly Being 4:05
5 - Bathe In Entrails 4:38
6 - Nocturnal crucifixion 3:16
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