Counting our scars

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DESULTORY - Counting our scars
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Swedish death metal veterans DESULTORY are back with the ultimate lesson in oldfashioned brutality!

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What made you awake the band from its slumber after a 14-year hiatus?

It was in the beginning of 2008 we were talking about the future and started to play some old stuff just for fun. Suddenly it grew into something more serious and we actually started to consider playing as Desultory again. I think it was because it felt really good but most of all we thought it sounded the way it should. We would never been doing this if we weren’t 100% dedicated and knew for sure that we could deliver with dignity. That was actually the very first question we asked ourselves. It was very carefully we picked up where we left off, bringing this band back from its long rest. We all simply felt that there were more DESULTORY song left to be written.

Since there is such a big gap timewise between „Swallow the snake“ and „Counting our scars“, how would you say your sound has evolved?

I think that we have managed to keep the feeling of our 2 first albums but still created a brand new album with 9 new songs that can stand strong on their own. Musically Counting Our Scars is a completly new Desultory album but you will for sure recognise the vibe from both Into Eternity and Bitterness. The production turned out fantastic and I think both musically and from a songwriting point of view this stuff is as good and better than the earlier albums.

Can you enlighten me a bit on the lyrics on the new album?

The lyrics are always a reflection of certain subjects more based on what you will go through during life rather than focusing only on death. On Counting Our Scars we write about things that you eventually will be forced to deal with and how it will affect us, the lyrics are always written in an quite indirect or abstract way and the listener will able to interpret the lyrics in his or her own way, which makes it more interesting I think

To what extent does the cover artwork reflect the lyrics / theme?

What we did was that we sent all the lyrics and some explanations of the mood we wanted to express to the cover artist Travis Smith, he then interpreted our visions and came up with some drafts of how he felt it could be done. We then worked closely together during 6 months until we finally got it right. So both ours and Travis thoughts are present in the cover art, there are bits and pieces here and there wich can be traced back to the lyrics if you take a close look.

Will you continue with your „other“ band Zebulon?

We are 100% Desultory and I can’t see beyond that. But under any circumstances, Zebulon is a closed chapter if you ask me.

Track list
1. In A Cage
2. Counting Our Scars
3. Ready To Bleed
4. This Broken Halo
5. The Moment Is Gone
6. Uneven Numbers
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