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DEICIDE - To hell with God MEDIABOOK
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DEICIDE - the original pioneers of the brutal sound and imagery associated with the Florida death metal scene are back to unleash their 10th slab of brutality.

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Always at the forefront of the Death Metal movement, DEICIDE was an original pioneer of the brutal sound and
imagery associated with the Florida Death Metal scene. In 1987, Glen Benton and Steve Asheim teamed to launch
one of the most talked about, controversial and venomous crusades in metal history and have since risen to
international notoriety and released two of the highest selling death metal albums in the SoundScan era.
Now, the band is gearing up to unleash their 10th slab of vehemently anti-Christian brutality – the effort also becomes
their debut for Century Media, after inking to the label in 2009. ‘To Hell With God’ is the new album’s title – being
produced by Steve Asheim and Glen Benton himself along with Mark Lewis (THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, CHIMAIRA, DEVILDRIVER). The title shines light on exactly what fans can expect – a blasphemous hell ride with their favorite death
metal veterans. This gargantuan album will see an early 2011 release and will be supported by the band with
extensive touring and summer festival appearances already in the works.
DEICIDE is back and stronger than ever – ‘To Hell with God’ will surely prove this to the masse s. As one of the original
curators of death metal, DEICIDE are about to show the metal world just how brutal and unholy they can be. Are you

Track list Total runtime
1 - To Hell With God 4:20
2 - Save your 3:32
3 - Witness Of Death 3:05
4 - Conviction 3:15
5 - Empowered By Blasphemy 3:16
6 - Angels Of Hell 3:12
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