Cold pestilent hope

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CROWN THE LOST - Cold pestilent hope
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"Cold pestilent hope" is released the first time on CD and brings you the best music-mix between Thrash and Power Metal. Twelve songs (including a bonus track) and you will ask yourself why this band has never managed to grow really big!

More info:

Originally available strictly on digital platforms in 2011, Crown the Lost’s the third and final album, Cold Pestilent Hope, is getting the CD reissue treatment via Germany’s Ragnarok Records.

Recorded during the first half of 2010 at Soundscape Studios in the band’s hometown of Pittsburgh, PA with producer Dave Watson (Argus, Mantic Ritual, Hero Destroyed), Cold Pestilent Hope found Crown the Lost further exploiting its melodic thrash metal template, and is the logical extension from the band’s sophomore Blind Faith Loyalty album.

The album marked a wholesale shift in Crown the Lost’s lineup, with the band replacing 3/5’s of its members prior to beginning the songwriting process. New members Leon Mallah (vocals), Tim Boyle (drums), and Argel Marchelletta (drums) joined founding members Joe Bonaddio (guitars/vocals) and David E. Gehlke (guitars).

“We were in a difficult spot for Cold Pestilent Hope,” says Gehlke. “We replaced our lead singer and rhythm section, and gave ourselves only three months to get the new lineup ready to record. Somehow, we hunkered down and practiced at least four or five times a week. Out of that came the completed album. It was probably the most fun and productive time for the band since we formed in 2005.”

Of particular significance was the addition of Mallah, who just a few months prior, was strictly a guitar player. Songs like “Breathe into Emptiness,” “In Defiance of Sanctity” and “Forgotten and Damned” bear the mark of Mallah’s versatile clean vocals, meshing seamlessly with the band’s knifing rhythms and melodic leads.

“The fact that Leon was able to assume the vocal position without having any experience whatsoever speaks volumes as to how talented he is,” adds Gehlke. “Some of the stuff he pulled off in the studio just blew us away, and better yet, he was able to do it live without a problem.”

Unfortunately, Crown the Lost broke up in late-2011, never able to see the Cold Pestilent Hope album cycle through. But thanks to the interest from Ragnarok Records, Gehlke and the band are hopeful the album gets at least some of the exposure they think it deserves.

“Since we broke up the band, we’ve all gone on to new musical projects,” finishes Gehlke. “But, Crown the Lost continues to be the one thing many of us are most recognized for in the tiny little music universe that is the Pittsburgh metal scene. It will be nice to have Cold Pestilent Hope introduced to an all-new set of ears.”

Reverence Dies Within (CD) (2006)
Blind Faith Loyalty (CD) (2009)
Cold Pestilent Hope (CD) (2016)

Track list
1. Pray for Death
2. Separate Blood from Waste
3. Breathe into Emptiness
4. In Defiance of Sanctity
5. Solitude and Failure
6. Eyes without Sight
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