Omega theorian

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CHASMA - Omega theorian
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The earliest incarnation known as Chasma was born in fall 2008 by founding members Ryan Whyte and Aaron Schomaker. The original lineup immediately released a demo on French label Aural Offerings before a year long hiatus due to the urgency of other musical pursuits involving the members. After an almost two year break, a two album deal was struck with American label Moribund Records. In 2011 the band released Declarations of the Grand Artificer and immediately parted ways with the then guitar player due to drug use issues. In late 2011 the group recruited Brandon Gordon to fill the guitar position, which shortly gave birth to the second full length given the name Codex Constellatia. After years of toil and countless stage performances with bands like Thou, Abigail Williams, Fell Voices, Wolves in the Throne Room, Vattnet Viskar, Ash Borer, Junius, et cetera, the band now joins the ranks of Candlelight Records on their newest full length creation dubbed Omega Theorian.

Track list Total runtime
1 - The emblazonment 2:25
2 - Cathedral of luminaries 6:55
3 - Arcane firebirth 6:44
4 - Frozen paths to never 7:34
5 - Trapped beneath the shining world 8:27
6 - Disciplines of an ancient Aeon 7:35
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