Fuck you all !!!!

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CARPATHIAN FOREST - Fuck you all !!!!
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  • Version:CD
  • Genre:Black Metal
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CARPATHIAN FOREST are one of a few legends surviving in today’s True Norwegian Black Metal scene that have stayed true to their origins. Equally infamous for their misbehavior as for the pure Black Metal filth they’ve created for the past 14 years, CARPATHIAN FOREST are virtually unique.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Ui apner porten til helvete... 6:36
2 - The frostbitten woodlands of Norway 4:58
3 - Start up the incinerator (Here comes another useless fool) 5:12
4 - Submit to Satan !!! 4:07
5 - Diabolism (The sweed and the sower) 4:14
6 - Dette er mitt helvete 4:04
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