Quantum catastrophe

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BRAIN DRILL - Quantum catastrophe
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The crushing, out-of-control sound of death metal's Brain Drill was born when guitarist Dylan Ruskin left his post in the band Burn at the Stake during the summer of 2005.
He soon hooked up with one of the fastest drummers he had ever seen, Marco Pitruzzella, who had spent time in Vile, Vital Remains, and many other bands on the extreme edge of metal. Vocalist Steve Rathjen joined the band for some demo recording before former Dead Syndicate singer Andre Cornejo replaced him. Former Vile member Jef Hughell, who plays a seven-string bass, came on board next, then Cornejo left, only to be replaced by the returning Rathjen. In 2007 Cannibal Corpse member Alex Webster recommended the up-and-coming band in an interview and the Metal Blade label was listening. The label signed Brain Drill late that year and released their debut album, Apocalyptic Feasting, in early 2008. Quantum Catastrophe followed in 2010. ~ David Jeffries
(Quelle/Origin: BRAIN DRILL Myspace)

Track list Total runtime
1 - Obliteration Untold 3:46
2 - Beyond Bludgeoned 4:16
3 - Awaiting Imminent Destruction 2:51
4 - Nemesis of Neglect 4:28
5 - Entity of Extinction 3:46
6 - Mercy to None 3:14
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