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After the war you have to struggle to survive! Talking about BORN FROM PAIN that means: After “War” there is “Survival”! Talking about the planet we inhabit that means: It is devastated, on the brink of extinction. Chaos, destruction and war are everywhere. The government doesn't care about the simple man. Crises afflict almost every country on Earth. Nature fights for its rights, the same as the nameless man in the ghettos. Terror lurks behind each street corner. The World is mutating into a global battlefield. Yet the European masters of metallic hardcore won't put up with all this. Their unmistakable outcry denouncing the evils of our society bears the name “Survival” and is almost overflowing with rage, aggression and brutality. The word “uncompromising” has got a new synonym: BORN FROM PAIN! While their last two albums, “In Love With The End” and “War”, were widely praised in the scene already, their new masterpiece will be the crowning achievement of an evolution which has included ceaseless tours with bands such as SIX FEET UNDER and HATEBREED, constant headlining shows and appearances at ALL European festivals. No one could sound any more pissed off than new frontman Rob (formerly on bass). No band could sound more massive than the eleven tracks produced by Tue Madsen (HEAVEN SHALL BURN, THE HAUNTED). Here's a few words from Rob about “Survival”: “Musically it is as uncompromising as always, while having its own twist in regards to groove, melody and heaviness. Lyrically it is aimed against the current state of the world in a more direct, critical and unmistakable manner than ever before.”
And BORN FROM PAIN aren't just ranting away. Surf to survivalstateofmind. and become and active member of the resistance! Help make the dates of the upcoming Persistence Tour 2008 with HEAVEN SHALL BURN, SICK OF IT ALL, and others rallies for a better World!

Track list Total runtime
1 - Sound Of Survival
2 - State Of Mind
3 - Sons Of A Dying World
4 - The Wolves Are Loose
5 - Never Die
6 - Final Collapse
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