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BLUDGEON - World controlled
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Bludgeon is definitely a band to listen to when you want to work out some anger andl get your blood pumping! From the clipped rhythms and precise drums, this addictive combination creates a thick and heavy wall of sound.

More info:

Bludgeon is a unique metal entity from Chicago that is not afraid to cause mayhem. The first band signed to Magic Circle Music, Bludgeon takes extreme metal by the balls and doesn’t let go. Their sophomore album, "World Controlled" is a brutal assault on the senses that is sure to leave a lasting impression on fans of death, thrash, hardcore and speed metal.

Bludgeon has earned several distinctions in their relatively young career. When Manowar bassist and Magic Circle Music founder Joey DeMaio discovered the band, he agreed to produce their debut album, Crucify The Priest - an honor never before bestowed upon a band other than his own - and signed them to his label.

On the new album, World Controlled, Bludgeon further evolves the sound and attitude that helped them to make such an impressive start. By incorporating hardcore influences into their already powerful death/thrash metal sound, the band has reached a new level of anger and brutality. Vocalist/guitarist Mark Duca explains, "I always write what I feel; half the record was written when I was going through pain and suffering. But I don’t see that as a bad thing." Songs like "Carnage Begins" and "Consumed By Anger" illustrate the thoughts and feelings of a band that faces the challenges of everyday life with the aggression and persistence needed to come out on top. "You have to suffer to move forward. It’s like you have to prove how faithful you are."

Bludgeon has not only grown musically, but the lineup has also changed. This evolution was not an easy process, but it truly helped to shape the lyrics and themes of World Controlled. "The band was going through personal problems with the lineup change when I was writing the lyrics," says Duca. "I felt like people were trying to control me and that is where the album title comes from. You might go through changes, but Bludgeon will always stay true to metal."

World Controlled also contains approximately 20 minutes of video footage showcasing the Bludgeon production cycle.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Carnage begins
2 - Refuse the true
3 - Unholy murder
4 - Hunt or be hunted
5 - Awakening
6 - Out of reach
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