Evolution's crown

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BLEEDING RED - Evolution's crown
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  • Genre:Death Metal, Thrash Metal
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The Germans offer solid and well-executed death and thrash metal.

From the BLAST! magazine:

Hardly any other band managed to get so much attention for a 4-track-demo like the swabian Death/Thrash force from BLEEDING RED with their demo „Unmaster“ in 2010.
After the New Blood Award on Summer Breeze they got hold of a world-wide record deal with German label Black Bards. With their full-length album „Evolution's crown“, the band throws another massive piece of wood into their blazing Death/Thrash fire and are going to prove that the last years' success can be topped now. With their mixture of all the hard music scene has to offer, BLEEDING RED create their own sound which lives through demonic atmosphere, as well as brutal riffs and fulminate double bass. BLEEDING RED manage to melt those broad influences into a solid Blackened Death alloy.

BLEEDING RED was founded in 2006 by 18-year-old Timo (vocals, guitars) and 16-year-old Michael (bass). When they decided to integrate Timo's 13-year-old brother Fabian (drums), it only took a few weeks until they found 18-year-old Manuel (guitars) and started to rehearse as a complete band. Their youth changed nothing to the fact that they knew how to use their instruments and therefore had to hide from nobody more experienced in songwriting. It didn't take long until the impressing fanbase united.

In 2008 they produced their first self-titled EP, with which they already entered some well-known festivals (Baden in Blut Open Air, Zabbaduschder Open Air, Helion Festival, Maniacs of Rock and many more). Combined with numerous gigs around southern Germany, Switzerland and Austria they developped from an unknown newcomer to an absolute insider tip.
Thanks to great reviews (both live and for the EP), their fanbase grew further and formed the official supporter's club „Bloodforce“, which supports the four guys wherever possible.

In October, 2009, the guys entered Studio 141 in Schwäbisch Hall for the first time to record their demo „Unmaster“ with producer Roger Grüninger. The already good reviews were now topped by overwhelming press statements about „Unmaster“ and offered their followers a „masterpiece“ in the young band history.

In 2010, BLEEDING RED found themselves (and their hit song Wasted Screams) in the finals of the New Blood Award, and came out on top after a sulfurous contest with 5 other bands on Summer Breeze. With the winning gig on the Pain Stage, more and more people got in tune with BLEEDING RED. Wasted Scream eventually made it onto the LEGACY sampler in their september issue.

Before they started recording their album in 2011, the band played another series of well-known festivals (Metalfest, Black Troll Festival, Rock am Härtsfeldsee and more) and proved themselves absolutely convincing. Now, two years after their first stay in Studio 141, they are in again, recording „Evolution's Crown“ which now, finally, was released on March 23, 2012.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Bloodforce 1:25
2 - The running man 5:13
3 - Nameless 4:28
4 - Wasted screams 4:56
5 - Thoughtcrime 4:21
6 - Unmaster 4:27
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