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BENIGHTED - Asylum cave
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Brutal French death metal with guest appearances of ABORTED and DEVOURMENT people

More info:

BENIGHTED was born in May 1998, as the gathering of members from French Death and Black metal bands DISHUMANIZED, DARKNESS FIRE and OSGILIATH. The members are Julien, Olivier, Liem, Chart and Fred. The first tracks sound like an efficient mix between Death and Black which is totally different from the music they used to play in their other bands. The writing process is very easy and even if BENIGHTED is only supposed to be a "side-project", it becomes quickly the first priority for each member.

The band worked for two years on its first self-produced album and made some concerts in France to make people discover Benighted. Seven tracks are recorded in June 2000 at Plaza Records Studio, near Lyon. The reviews of this first album are amazing and very positive in the underground scene. A lot of gig organizations contact BENIGHTED for touring in the entire country after that.

In January 2001, French label Adipocere Records gets in contact with Benighted for the distribution of the first album and the band signs a deal for the following releases. Eight months later, BENIGHTED is back to the Plaza Studio to record 11 new tracks for the second album "Psychose". The music is more death-influenced and sounds more brutal and technical. The artwork is made by Jean-Pascal Fournier (IMMORTAL, IMPALED NAZARENE, RAIN, EDGUY...). Because of technical problems, BENIGHTED decides to part ways with Chart. A promotion tour with DESTINITY is made with Liem playing the bass. The feedback about "Psychose" are very positive once again and the band makes a tour organised by Adipocere. Remy is the new bassist and the tour is done with a complete line-up.

BENIGHTED begins the writing process for its third album "Insane Cephalic Production" in December 2002. The new tracks are more brutal than anything BENIGHTED ever did. Unfortunately Remy has to leave the band for personal reasons. In August 2003, BENIGHTED travels to Germany for the new album at the Kohlekeller Studio in Seeheim. The production of this album is amazing. Mick from DESTINITY comes as guest vocalist on the track "Puerperal Cannibalism". The band really found its identity on this album; the music was like a Brutal Death Metal spine with lots of injected influences like Black Metal, Grindcore, Thrash or Hardcore... This schizophrenic tortured stuff matches perfectly with the lyrics concept about psychiatric pathologies. The inspiration for used themes in the lyrics written by Julien comes directly from his work in a psychiatric hospital. In February 2004, "Insane Cephalic Production" is out. For the upcoming dates, Bertrand from WINDS OF TORMENT plays the bass and one month later, the band finally finds its official bassist Eric.

A promotion tour is planned in April 2004 and BENIGHTED plays on some great festivals like the Fury Fest or the Nuclear Fest, with bands like Morbid Angel, Deicide, Fear Factory...

In August 2005 BENIGHTED is back to the Kohlekeller studio for the recording of "Identistick". This album contained 10 songs and "Suffer the children" (Napalm Death cover). Kris from KRONOS and Leif from DEW-SCENTED appeared as guests on the album. The record is very effective with its fast and groovy tracks. Hence, it's probably the best opus BENIGHTED has done by then.

In February 2006, Fred leaves the band. BENIGHTED welcomes Kevin as their new official drummer. They begin the tour for the promotion of "Identistick" and performs at some great festivals like Tomawok Fest, the VS Fest, the Inhumanus Fest, and the Death Feast Open Air. Meanwhile, a new album is being composed.

In June 2007, BENIGHTED signs Osmose Productions. Short after, new album "Icon" is recorded, mixed and mastered at the Kohlekeller Studios. This time, the artwork is done by Phlegeton (MORTICIAN, AVULSED...). Furthermore, this new album contains 12 new brutal, furious and Death/Grindcore songs. Plus, Jagger from DISBELIEF appears as a guest on the track "Human Circles".

In 2008 the band is touring around Europe and will play at great European festivals like Neurotic Death Fest and Jouten Death Fest in Holland, HellFest, Metal Ride Fest, Reperkusound Fest, Klonosphere Fest and Chaulnes Metal Fest in France, Inferno Fest in Norway, Obscene Extreme Fest in Czech Republic, Rock Area Fest in Germany, Rape the Escape Fest in Austria...

In summer 2010, "Asylum Cave" is recorded, BENIGHTED signs with Season of Mist and the release date for "Asylum Cave" is set to March, 21st 2011. They deliver their most adventurous album so far: 12 tracks of pure Death/Grind mixing brutality and groove, featuring guest vocals from Svencho (ABORTED) and Mike Majewski (DEVOURMENT).

Showcasing the fastest and most violent songs BENIGHTED ever wrote, this sixth album tells the story of a schizophrenic delusional man and each track deals with a part of his life. His obsession with Joseph Fritzl leads him to create an unreal world in the basement of his house, and... Well, just prepare for nothing more than an avalanche of technical madness and sheer brutality!
(Quelle/Origin: BENIGHTED ReverbNation)

Track list Total runtime
1 - Asylum cave 3:30
2 - Let the blood spill between my broken teeth 3:52
3 - Prey 3:53
4 - Hostile 2:40
5 - Fritzl 4:36
6 - Unborn infected children 4:08
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