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BEHERIT - Engram
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Black Metal

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Product description

The comeback…


The black star of Finland, Beherit was formed in 1989 by three young musicians from Rovaniemi; vocalist and guitarist Nuclear Holocausto Vengeance, bassist Daemon Fornication and drummer Sodomatic Slaughter. The band released three demos the following year; Seventh Blasphemy, Morbid Rehearsals and Demonomancy, and gathered reputation for their live shows, complete with onstage pig heads and goats.

Beherit's 1st album, “The Oath of Black Blood”, includes material recorded from June to September 1990. It released in 1991 and features traditional, fast and brutal old school black metal, heavily influenced by death metal, thrash metal and grindcore. However, it is not a separately recorded studio album. The band got some funding for recording an album from their record label at the time, Turbo Music, but according to a popular myth, spent the money on booze. The label then released their demo Demonomancy and 7" EP Dawn of Satan's Millennium as a compilation, without the band's permission, and named it “The Oath of Black Blood”, which was originally supposed to be the name of the new album. The album is now generally regarded as a full-length release. Spinefarm Records re-issued it in 2004, and Season of Mist again in 2005.

Beherit's best-known and most influential album, “Drawing Down the Moon”, was recorded between April and August in 1992. It was released in 1993 as the band's first official LP. The album was named after an ancient ritual, "drawing down the Moon". The album was highly experimental within the black metal scene, as the band used whispers and space-like electronic sounds to strengthen its hypnotic atmosphere.

Despite it's success, “Drawing Down the Moon” was to remain the band's last black metal release, as they split up the next year. Nuclear Holocausto Vengeance still recorded two albums of dark ambient music, “H418ov21.C” and “Electric Doom Synthesis”, and released them under the band's name. As the band didn't reform and Holocausto had at the time lost interest in black metal, he went on to continue his musical career in dark ambient as "Suuri Shamaani" and in hardcore techno as "DJ Gamma" for a number of years.

But it just wasn’t in the cards that Beherit would entirely cease to exist. Combining the venomous vitriol and vehemence of the band’s early years, moodier and doomier electric soulscapes of Holocausto’s ambient droning and the hatred for all mankind, 2009’s grand comeback “Engram” sees the black star rise once more, reinforced with personnel renewed and malign intentions of old...

Nuclear Holocausto Vengeance - vocals, guitars, keys, programming
Sodomatic Slaughter – drums
Ancient Corpse Desekrator – guitars
Abyss, Twisted Baptizer- bass

Track list Total runtime
1 - Unriom Beroine 4:41
2 - Destroyer Of Thousand Worlds 3:04
3 - All In Gatan 3:33
4 - Began Moon 7:15
5 - Bimeyden Benti 4:44
6 - Guct My Blood 4:26
7 - Demon Advance 15:15
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