Atomic death metal

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ATOMWINTER - Atomic death metal
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These Germans have clearly been influenced by ASPHYX and BOLT THROWER!

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Raw – uncompromising - in your face!

Atomwinter are unmistakeably inspired by bands like Asphyx, Bolt Thrower and other straight-forward Death Metal bands. Thus raw and doomy sounds take turns with more thrash-metal-like highspeed parts. The roots of these brute and unpolished sounds are to be found in the early nineties.

Genuine death metal that is second to none and proves that Old School doesn’t necessarily have to sound outworn! This is what the band was able to show with numerous live-gigs all over the country. At their shows, ATOMWINTER are rumbling crudely and effectively through their set and leave no neck muscle motionless.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Sentinels of doom and horror 5:06
2 - Ghouls of the pit 4:03
3 - Entering the gates 3:50
4 - In remembrance of death 3:30
5 - The crypt is calling 4:43
6 - Howling winds of sorrow 4:36
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