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Mystical Nordic Folk Metal from Norway

More info:

"Arv", the long overdue new release from the charismatic Norwegian formation has finally arrived. And the wait has paid off, as ASMEGIN have successfully captured the unique character and beauty of their home-land. "Arv" offers an extraordinary mix of sweeping metal riffs and melancholic folk melodies. Fragile violin arrangements collide with raw metal, thundering double bass with hammond organ parts, and powerful clean vocals with brutal grunts that are time and again haunted by a finishing touch of bewitching female vocals. To ensure that each detail of this multi-faceted work comes into ist own, the band turned to Lasse Lammert (Alestorm…), whose impressive mix allows the tracks to roar out of the speakers. "Arv" offers an authentic piece of Norway that fans of Nordic music should definitely not ignore.

Erik Fossan Rasmussen - Vocals, Drums
Raymond Håkenrud - Guitars, Bass, Piano, Vocals
Marius Olaussen - Guitars, Bass, Mandolin, Mellotron, Piano
Lars Fredrik Frøislie - Piano, Mellotron, Hammond, Mini-Moog

Guest musicians:
Martin Kneppen - Drums
Gunhild Hovden Kvangarsnes - Vocals
Anne Marie Hveding - Vocals
Karolin Broosch - Violin

Track list Total runtime
1 - Fandens Mælkeb¢tte
2 - Hiertebrand
3 - Generalen og Troldharen
4 - Arv
5 - Yndifall
6 - Gengangeren
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