From the chasms of oblivion

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ASARU - From the chasms of oblivion
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German / Norwegian black metal with a knack for thrash riffing.

More info:

In 1995, Frank Nordmann (Guitar and Vocals) along with bassist Dorian Kremer ASARU, created one of the earliest and now most senior Black-Metal bands of the Federal Republic.

ASARU play no-frills Black-Metal. Norwegian origins can be heard, but they still retain their originality. From the beginning, ASARU were keen to maintain their own interpretation of the Black-Metal genre.

Regardless of the Black-Metal scene conventions, they have made a critically acclaimed collection of albums and contributed to the creation of the German Black-Metal genre - sometimes with a thrashy touch or an epic sound, innovative but always authentic!

Track list Total runtime
1 - The eyes of the dead 6:16
2 - At night they fly 7:02
3 - Under the frag 5:37
4 - Blind obedience 5:16
5 - Fortapt I dodens favn 6:45
6 - Neber 5:58
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