The lucid collective

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ARCHSPIRE - The lucid collective
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Canada’s ARCHSPIRE unleash an insane attack of blistering technical death metal on 'The Lucid Collective'. Guitars shred with fury, and vicious vocals swarm over whirlwind drum work in the band's potent display of 21st century extremity. More than just a collection of chops and blast beasts, the album’s eight tracks showcase a fast-rising band with supreme mastery of dynamics going hand in hand with their aggression. 'The Lucid Collective' is a definitive statement of intent by one of death metal's most exciting new bands.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Lucid collective somnambulation 4:17
2 - Scream feeding 4:21
3 - The plague of am (Cogito ergo sum - I think therefore I am) 3:36
4 - Fathom infinite depth 5:07
5 - Join us beyond 4:23
6 - Seven crowns and the oblivion chain 4:49
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