Bourbon, blood and butchery

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ABSCESS - Bourbon, blood and butchery
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Abscess was a hardcore punk-influenced death metal band from Oakland, California. The band was formed in June 1994 by Chris Reifert and Danny Coralles, both former members of Autopsy.

Abscess (Demo, 1994)
Raw Sick & Brutal Noize! (Demo, 1994)
Pustulation of Embrionic Flesh (live on KZSU) (Live, 1994)
Crawled up from the Sewer (Demo, 1995)
Filthy Fucking Freaks (Demo, 1995)
Urine Junkies (Compilation CD, Relapse, 1995)
Seminal Vampires and Maggot Men (CD, Relapse, 1996)
Throbbing Black Werebeast (EP, Relapse, 1997)
Open Wound (Demo, 1998)
Tormented (CD, Listenable, 2000)
Split with Deranged (10", Listenable, 2001)
Split with Machetazo (CD, Upground, 2001)
Split with Bloodred Bacteria (CD, 2001)
Through the Cracks of Death (CD, Peaceville, 2002)[3]
Thirst for Blood, Hunger for Flesh (Compilation CD, Necroharmonic, 2003)
Damned and Mummified (CD, Red Stream, 2004)
Horrorhammer[4] (CD, Tyrant Syndicate, 2007)
Split with Bonesaw (CD, Aphelion, 2008)
Dawn of Inhumanity (CD, Tyrant Sindicate, 2010)
Bourbon, Blood and Butchery (CD, Aphelion Prod. 2013)
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