Awaken the dreamers

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ALL SHALL PERISH - Awaken the dreamers
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An unbelievable balancing act between brute heavyness, pressing rhythm punches and melodic guitar playing! With their third album, the guys from California place themselves far away from the scene ´s uninspired majority. Instead, they convince with dizzy instrumental acrobatics that every fan of extreme music will love immediately. » Awaken The Dreamers « is an artistic balancing act between brute heaviness, powerful rhythm punches and delicate melodic guitar playing.

CD 1
Track list Total runtime
1 - When Life Meant More... 3:01
2 - Black Gold Reign 4:37
3 - Never Again... 3:12
4 - For the ones we left behind 1:07
5 - Awaken The Dreamers 4:37
6 - Memories Of A Glass Sanctuary 2:43
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CD 2
Track list Total runtime
1 - Stories From The Road (Dokumentation)
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