The end of the wizard

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WELTENBRAND - The end of the wizard
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Romantic Dark Gothic Metal Jewel

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After five long years, the Romantic Gothic Metal band from Lichtenstein finally returns with "The End of the Wizard". The latest work from Weltenbrand comes after a few line-up changes and the incorporation of a new angelic voice courtesy of Dina Zambelli. The songs remain calm, self-supporting, and catchy, vividly presenting the band's own musical world. Dina's voice prevails in the more complex tracks giving them a depth not attained in previous releases. "The End of the Wizard" is without a doubt Weltenbrand's most enchanting and visionary album.

Dina Zambelli - Vocals
Ritchie Wenaweser - Vocals
Oliver Falk - Keyboards
Daniela Nipp - Violin
Stefan Villamar - Timpani
Christian Sele - Bass
Adrian Büchel - Drums

Track list Total runtime
1 - Bewitched Herds Boys
2 - The Ghosts Of New Year's Eve
3 - Question By The Night Ghost
4 - The French And The Wine
5 - The End Of The Wizard
6 - Among Them
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