Destructive force

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KILL DIVISION - Destructive force
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Former LEGION OF THE DAMNED guitarist Richard Ebisch returns with a masterpiece of groovy death metal, thrash and grind!

From the BLAST! magazine:

Death. Grind. Thrash. If you like your metal authentic then welcome to the force that is: KILL DIVISION!

Taking their experiences from Legion of the Damned, God Dethroned, Asphyx, and Inhume, Richard Ebisch (guitars, bass, vocals), Susan Gerl (guitars, vocals) and Roel Sanders (drums) decided it was time to release their combined sound to the world with their debut album, "Destructive Force".
"Destructive Force" was recorded at Toneshed studio, the place they called home for many late nights, and mixed and mastered in Andy Classen's Stage One studio with hammer, care, and kerosene.

Musically, "Destructive Force" represents the group's collective efforts. When the band first began rehearsing, they used some of Richard Ebisch's old recordings as a starting point.

Lyrically, Susan Gerl explains that "Destructive Force" draws on their everyday life experiences and world events. Gerl, who penned the lyrics for the entire record, adds that "Locked Up Forever" was written about Natascha Kampusch, an Austrian woman who was held prisoner and tormented in a cellar for nearly nine years.

Both Richard Ebisch and Susan Gerl tracked the vocals for "Destructive Force". On "Destructive Force", expect a practiced, precise, and mercilessly heavy attack from three veterans of the European death metal scene!

Track list Total runtime
1 - Kill Division march 0:58
2 - Mechanic domination 2:17
3 - Fear of life 2:46
4 - Locked up forever 4:14
5 - Made of lies 3:02
6 - Destructive force 6:06
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