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DARK SUNS - Grave human genuine
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Following two highly successful tours with established Progressive metalists Pain Of Salvation and two years of exacting work, DARK SUNS have finished their third album “Grave Human Genuine”.

“Grave Human Genuine” – this unconventional title was chosen with care and purpose, as it represents the three characteristic elements of this work: ‘Grave’ signifies darkness, the sinister force, and the inevitable fate. ‘Human’ is synonymous with the music’s inherent soul-depth, while ‘Genuine’ means ‘real’ or ‘authentic’ and hence refers to DARK SUNS’ uncompromising approach to music.

But what about the music? DARK SUNS don’t merely pick up where the successful predecessor “Existence” (2005) left off, they present themselves as many-facetted as never before. A clear nod to Doom, complex polyrhythms, unusual and diverse instruments and, last but not least, drummer Niko Knappe’s characteristic yearning vocals comprise the album’s cornerstones. The variety of sounds stretches from angular Metal riff attacks via atmospheric ambient soundscapes and Techno reminiscences to Avant-garde influences – despite this complexity, an accomplished musical mosaic of enormous expressiveness.

Exciting nuances are created by the incomparable bass of Pain Of Salvation’s long-time member Kristoffer Gildenlöw, a friendly turn that resulted from the tours mentioned above, and Disillusion’s Schmidt’s guest vocals in “Flies In Amber.”

With “Grave Human Genuine,” DARK SUNS have created a haunting album full of autonomy and instrumental class, self-consciously charting new musical territory. In this, the band from Leipzig embodies the essence of every true progressive band: compositional genius coupled with advancement.The dark suns radiate: gloomy, human and egregiously genuine

Mike Knappe – guitar
Nico Knappe – vocals, drums
Torsten Wenzel – guitar
Kristoffer Gildenlöw (ex Pain Of Salvation) – session bass

Track list Total runtime
1 - Stampede 3:07
2 - Flies in amber 9:52
3 - Thornchild 7:11
4 - Rapid eye moment 7:20
5 - Amphibian halo 5:16
6 - The chameleon defect 6:08
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