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MOONSPELL - Wolfheart + Bonus DIGIBOOK
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Right on time to the new release: The noble re-edition of the classic includes a live-bonus CD!

More info:

More than twelve years have passed since Portugal’s greatest metal band has released its debut album “Wolfheart”. Often laughed at as being just a Southern European free rider on the train of the mighty Scandinavian black metal movement, with “Wolfheart” MOONSPELL have proven all their critics wrong. This album includes everything needed to become a classic: “Wolfshade” opens the album with a blast of sheer ferocity, followed by the dark and majestic all-time classics “Love Crimes”, “… Of Dream And Drama” or “Vampiria”, finding its climax in “Alma Mater” (still considered one of the greatest black / gothic metal songs of all time) before it ends with the surprisingly folkloristic tune “Ataegina”. The re-issue of “Wolfheart” comes as a marvellous digibook with a 28-page booklet of half regular / half transparent paper, including all lyrics, liner notes by MOONSPELL singer Fernando Ribeiro, liner notes by Robert Müller (Metal Hammer Germany) and comments by various wellknown musicians of Katatonia, Opeth, Primordial and Rotting Christ. Besides the regular album tracks, the re-issue also includes a second CD with rare and never before heard live footage from the “Wolfheart” tour of 1995.

CD 1
Track list Total runtime
1 - Wolfshade (A Werewolf Masquerade) 7:34
2 - Love Crimes 7:33
3 - ... Of Dream And Drama (Midnight Ride) 3:58
4 - Lua d'inverno 1:48
5 - Trebraruna 3:29
6 - Vampiria 5:35
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CD 2
Track list Total runtime
1 - Intro (Live 1995) 1:41
2 - Love Crimes (Live 1995) 4:56
3 - ... Of Dream And Drama (Midnight Ride) (Live 1995) 3:34
4 - An Erotic Alchemy (Live 1995) 4:57
5 - Lua D'inverno (Live 1995) 1:34
6 - Trebraruna (Live 1995) 3:18
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