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MOONSPELL - Irreligious + Bonus DIGIBOOK
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One hit after another – the noble re-edition features a bonus live-cd!

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After the overwhelming success of “Wolfheart” the expectations of the press and the fans for the new MOONSPELL album could not have been greater. When “Irreligious” was released back in 1996, it probably left the whole metal scene awestruck. The black metal feeling of “Wolfheart” was more or less completely gone. Instead of taking the next logical step towards brutality and grimness, MOONSPELL took a turn to the side and offered eleven songs of beautiful melodies, bewitching lyrics and inner darkness. Be it “Opium”, Raven Claws”, Mephisto” or the monolithic ending track “Full Moon Madness”, every single song on “Irreligious” was and still is a proof of why MOONSPELL achieved massive success with this album. Just as the reissue of “Wolfheart”, also “Irreligious” comes as a noble Digibook with liner notes by Fernando Ribeiro, band comments, all lyrics and a bonus CD with ten so far unheard live tracks, recorded on the “Irreligious” tour back in 1996/1997.

CD 1
Track list Total runtime
1 - Perverse ... Almost Religious 1:07
2 - Opium 2:48
3 - Awake! 3:04
4 - For a taste of eternity 3:53
5 - Ruin & misery 3:48
6 - A poisoned gift 5:34
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CD 2
Track list Total runtime
1 - Intro (Live Across Europe, Winter 1996/97) 0:46
2 - Opium (Live Across Europe, Winter 1996/97) 2:53
3 - Awake! (Live Across Europe, Winter 1996/97) 2:58
4 - Ruin & Misery (Live Across Europe, Winter 1996/97) 3:58
5 - Raven Claws (Live Across Europe, Winter 1996/97) 3:42
6 - Herr Spiegelmann (Live Across Europe, Winter 1996/97) 4:20
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