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The deathship anchored - 29th Aufgust is the release date of "Carpathia", the new album of THE VISION BLEAK. THE VISION BLEAK have never been of the modest kind. They just have to go for the grand and sweeping gestures. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the band claims that their new album "Carpathia" has succeeded in being more in every regard - even before they have presented their new work.
Indeed: If you compare it to "The Deathship Has A New Captain", that skeletal schooner with which Allen B. Konstanz and Ulf Theodor Schwadorf took to sea merely two years ago, this second outing is not just a fall of masks bringing their grim grimaces to light, but also a manifestation of an even wilder passion. While the debut album's tracks were haunted mainly by movie characters, now THE VISION BLEAK turn more towards weird fiction - their own! The remarkable thing is that the plot at the base of "Carpathia" works even without the music. And its power is not limited to the many shadowy figures and the ephemeral, dark scenarios, but is also effective in the horror reaching towards an inevitable climax - also in the music itself. "This is the fateful story of a businessman becoming heir to the old estates of his family in far and strange Carpathia," Schwadorf outlines the concept. We, the listeners, accompany the young man on this journey through creepy mountain passes, sit beside him in his cab, sense the slow assembly of evil, share his shivers as he encounters the rustic villagers of Carpathia, travel further into the exotic and fearfully outlandish world of "Arabian Nights", and at the end we know: the protagonist is cursed, probably even possessed. So you can see already that "Carpathia" is an incomparable and sinister musical drama. Not without good reason have Konstanz and Schwadorf brought up the whole musical spectrum of their artistic careers so far. Forceful, black riffs, heavyweight drums, full and many-facetted vocals.Each track is vibrantly brimming with sheer intensity and energy. "Carpathia" will be released as normal jewel case edition for a special price and as luxuary edition in digipak with bonus CD. The bonus CD includes a Multimedia part with the "Wolfmoon" Videoclip, diverse Audio and Video Livetracks.

17.12.05 Anröchte - Bürgerhaus - Last Night on Earth Festival

CD 1
Track list Total runtime
1 - The drama of the wicked 2:11
2 - Secrecies in darkness 4:25
3 - Carpathia 5:15
4 - Dreams in the witch-house 5:37
5 - Sister Najade (The tarn by the firs) 4:46
6 - The curse of Arabia 5:20
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CD 2
Track list Total runtime
1 - Metropolis (Live) 5:19
2 - Horror of Antarctica (Live) 3:44
3 - The grand devilry (Live) 5:01
4 - Deathship symphony (Live) 6:18
5 - Live at Batschkapp, Frankfurt 2005[A shadow arose (Data Track) / Night of the living dead (Data Track) / Elizabeth Dane]
6 - Wolfmoon (Video) (Data Track)
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