So far, so good, so MEGADETH

by Martin Popoff

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So far, so good, so MEGADETH - by Martin Popoff
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Paperback edition, 256 pages, in English. The MEGADETH story in detail featuring fresh interviews, track-by-track analysis, talk of all the tours, the hirings, the firings, the chemicals, but mostly the metal. Having been formed in 1984 by Dave Mustaine following his acrimonius departure from METALLICA it’s an epic tale and even the most dedicated Mega-fan will undoubtedly learn new things from the author’s detailed appraisal. Mustaine vowed revenge for his dismissal from METALLICA by forming a band that would be faster and heavier. MEGADETH’s run of thrash classics from the mid ‘80s and up through the ‘90s continue to be celebrated in the metal community long after Dave Mustaine’s band mates have been discarded to the sands of time - save one, Dave "Jr." Ellefson. Along the way, there’s Mustaine’s pathology with his ex-friends in METALLICA but also a helluva lot of killer metal, as the band works its way up through "Peace sells" and "So far...", through to the pair of superlative American metal classics, namely "Rust in peace" and "Countdown to extinction".

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