Dates / Tour dates

Date Band Town Country Ticket
2017-05-13 Sao Paulo (Maximus Festival) BR
2017-05-13 Paris (La Cigale) FR
2017-05-13 Belo Horizonte (Music Hall) BR
2017-05-13 Indianapolis, IN (Egyptian Room at the National Centre) US
2017-05-13 Fortaleza (DS Club) BR
2017-05-13 Keighley (Manor Fest) GB
2017-05-13 Keighley (Manor Fest) GB
2017-05-13 Guadalajara (Teatro Diana) MX
2017-05-14 Somerset, WI (Northern Invasion Fest) US
2017-05-14 Somerset, WI (Northern Invasion) US
2017-05-14 Antwerp (Zappa) BE
2017-05-14 Englewood, CO (Gothic Theater) US
2017-05-14 Buenos Aires (El Teatro Flores) AR
2017-05-14 Belem (Botequim) BR
2017-05-15 Monterrey (Excena) MX
2017-05-15 Flagstaff, AZ (Orpheum Theater) US
2017-05-16 Dallas, TX (Trees) US
2017-05-16 Belo Horizonte (Gran Finos) BR
2017-05-16 San Diego, CA (House Of Blues) US
2017-05-16 Six-Fours-Les-Plages (Espace Andre Malraux) FR