new album!

new album! - 2006-07-28

2006-07-28 - Germany poets of dark romance, ILLUMINATE, finished their tenth record (!) &quot;Zwei Seelen&quot; to stir up the scene. The toweringly album will be available in the stores the 29th of september. The album is heavier than the previous ones, thank you drums and more guitars, as singer Johannes Berthold says. The thrill of anticipation in the fan-scene was amplified by the gig at this years WAVE GOTIK TREFFEN where the new Gothic Rock ballad &quot;Es Brennt Die Welt&quot; stunned every fan. &quot;The song decribes with strong metaphors what happened in the night of 13th February 1945. In that night, 40.000 people died because of the senseless bombing of the city of Dresden&quot;, says Johannes. The album features the typical dark ILLUMINATE style with songs like &quot;Tote G&auml;rten&quot; and &quot;Siehst Du Mich in Dir?&quot; but also fresh tones with tunes like the hit &quot;Wer Lieben will&#8230;.&quot; &#8211; a song without keyboards. An intended contrast: &quot;The duality of the both sides of the album must be drastic and striking. On this record, we have well-known romantic and emtional moments, but also tragic and depressiv moments.&quot; As a bonus, the first ever live CD in the history of ILLUMINATE will be included. The concert took place in Mexiko, October 2005. &quot;Zwei Seelen&quot; shows the rocking side of the band and convinces with it&acute;s intense and emotional tightrope walk.<br><br>&quot;More <a href=""><u>ILLUMINATE</u></a>&quot;

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