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press quotes - 2002-06-11

2002-06-11 - Here are some quotes from around the globe, taken out of various reviews that praised Pegazus' last epic "The Headless Horseman"...

"With 'The Headless Horseman', PEGAZUS has once more created a brilliant true metal album.......An album from which real headbanger dreams are made, passion and true!"
Jürgen Tschamler
Heavy Oder Was! (Germany)

"With no mercy at all for their listeners......from the first riff on, you'll know that this is a CD that you will enjoy all the way from the beginning 'till the very end. The new singer Rob Thompson is very convincing, Johnny's guitarsolos are sharp as a knife, and his riffs are merciless......the 'true metal feeling' is all over this CD......I think it's a real must for everyone, who calls himself a dedicated metalhead. Highlights for me were opener "The Headless Horseman", "Forever Chasing Rainbows" and CD closer "Ballad Of A Thin Man". Hail to the mighty warriors of PEGAZUS. PEGAZUS RULES!!!!!!!!"

Toine van Poorten
Headache (The Netherlands)

"The new album is a masterpiece and makes true HEAVY METAL stronger than everything else!"
Rock Brigade (Brazil)

"This is a band that stands out from the rest, which if nothing else can stand equally among the others of the same genre......Powerful, Heavy, Melodic......A true metal experience!"
Spyros Vris
Metal Eagle (Greece)

"The Australian true metallers PEGAZUS have released 'The Headless Horseman', and it is clearly their best album
to date......great riffs, catchy melodies and last but not least, the lyrics of swords, dragons and bloody fights!"
Power Metal (Germany)

"Fast paced yet melodic riffs always with a catchy hook and some huge sing a long vocals all in an 80's metal style influence......this really is power/traditional metal at it's best!"
Ian Busch
Primal Agony (Australia)

"What a godly masterpiece! This album won't leave my CD player anytime soon......a must have album, which has to be present at every metal party!"
Dan Devil
Wave Gothic (Germany)

"Join the HEADLESS HORSEMAN ride and find out how easy it really is how this immortal masterpiece will turn you into a headless headbanger! Not one single neck muscle will be able to resist the magical progression of this Australian metal miracle......pure concentrate of power, built upon melody and epic, teutonic atmospheres......the conquering storm of sharp riffs, thundering double bass drum parts, draped in a powerful mix that rocks your socks off!"
ConcreteWeb (Belgium)

"Without doubt, PEGAZUS are the finest trad metal band to come out of Australia......the 'Headless Horseman' boasts a massive sound, crisp, clear and punchy, the band have delivered a modern production that doesn't overlly rob them of their classic 80's metal sound......I'd be clutching at straws to find anything else short of excellent in regards to the sound and performance of this release!"
Jason Healey
Metal Shop (Australia)

"A truly great metal album! Packed with fast paced melodic riffs, great drumming and big melodic vocals without a fault......from start to finish, this is a pure classic! This is a MUST have for any power metal fan and there are a lot out there. One of the better power metal releases of recent times!"
Matt Backhaus
Full Strength (Australia)

"Catchy riffs and choruses and some nice solos, with the songs being well structured......their metal is decent and honest, that's what they like and that's what they do! I appreciate that!"
Tombstone (Greece)

"PEGAZUS is finally back with a brand new album and a talented new singer......these musicians really know how to write catchy songs which naturally make you want to headbang......Two thumbs up guys!"
Metal Reviews (Switzerland)

"PEGAZUS has a unique style with great melodies with an inspiration from the great British bands from the eighties......definitely not a band in the crowd!"
Dagfinn (Norway)

"This album is heavier than their previous ones, though it is still rocks like few else these days and shows what Heavy Metal is all about! It is their heaviest, fastest, tightest album up to date!"
RockEZine (The Netherlands)

"Rhythm section that kills, strong songs, great technique......full of good melodies, catchy choruses and groovy rhythms and a very shiny and powerful production......One of the most noteworthy bands of Australia!"
Metal Guide (Greece)

"The HEADLESS HORSEMAN is unabashed Heavy Metal at it's finest!
The Melbourne quartet deliver a veritable feast of powerful vocals, incisive guitar histrionics, pulsating bass and pounding drums......the band are firing on all cylinders with new lead vocalist Rob Thompson fitting the PEGAZUS
sound like a glove!"
David Donato
Beat (Australia)

"This four piece outfit unleashes some of the best metal highly influenced by the 80's heavy music......the perfect formula and the perfect result! Don't let this one slip through your fingers, it sure deserves your attention!"
Jorge Botas
Panzer Mag (Portugal)

"With a new singer, the true metal heads from PEGAZUS are making a thing for sure, you won't be dissapointed!"

Metal Inside (Germany)

"PEGAZUS is an Australian pure Heavy Metal band......with a wide spectrum of influences!
Their personality throughout the years has made them known world wide and for me this band is the best to ever come from Australia, devoting on pure Heavy Metal!!!"
Gate Of Lions (Greece)

"Fans of the band will already be familiar with their metal warrior-esque old school driving metal attack......with a much tighter sound, crisper production and a pack of thundering metal tracks to get the blood pumping!"
Malcolm Coull
Power Play (UK)

"This four piece outfit plays classic heavy metal that has their unique touch to it, with a sound of their own!
It is without any question that PEGAZUS are Australia's highest profile metal band on the international circuit......this is fantastic, epic, melodic, harmonious with precise true metal riffs that make the hair stand on end!"
Mak Records (Australia)

"There are not many bands that come along and blow you away with the way PEGAZUS do......they have created their own niche and identity, fair to say it, they have worked very hard at it! You can see yourself standing on a hill, wind in your hair, flag and sword raised to the heavens act of exceptional quality and class!"
Metal Mayhem (Australia)

"100% of pure and genuine HEAVY METAL, nothing less than PERFECT!!! Buy or die!"
Metal On Metal (Brazil)

"PEGAZUS had the right idea. A portion of endurance and a firm belief in their own music and it didn't take long before the band from down under had the listeners on their side. From being an insider tip a few years ago, the band has had a triumphant journey with an increasing number of fans!"
Metal Hammer (Germany)

"All fans of traditional Heavy Metal will enjoy this......I think PEGAZUS still has their 'Keeper of the Seven Keys-part 2' or their 'Powerslave' ahead of them, and that's a hell of a thing to say! YES, this is that good!"
The Outcast

"This Aussie power metal machine hold it's own and then some......It's straight forward and IN YOUR FACE, no doubt about it! You should be riding a harley down the highway at about 110mph listening to this CD, but hey, let's be real, crank it loud enough and you'll feel like you're on one! It's a five course meal, hell, it's a full blown all you can eat buffet of hard ass metal!"

Rock Hard Place (USA)

"If the world was to end today, PEGAZUS would be the most accomplished Heavy Metal band out of Australia ever!!!"

Peter Donald
Beat Magazine (Australia)

"The over the top METAL!!! attitude PEGAZUS displays may have you raising your fists and saying "ALL RIGHT!!!"......
If you've ever looked over your old metal records and said to yourself, "they just don't make 'em like that anymore!",
then PEGAZUS is definitely your band!"
Keith Abt
Dynamite Metal (USA)

"PEGAZUS have been seeing far past the trendy 'norms' of music since their very inception......churning a nostalgic while simultaneously authentic brand of traditional power metal! In an entirely new light of brilliance, the band have truly reached the next level of metallic magnificance with an ultra tight attack and their own special heavy illustrious offering of well conducted superiority!"
Skull (Japan)

"PEGAZUS take almost the exact sound of classic 80's metal and make it both interesting and relevant for today! I was able to appreciate the effort and musicianship of the band. PEGAZUS actually put some effort into crafting a good song structure and a powerful rythmn track......a modern day reminder of why you fell in love with the genre in the first place!"

Christopher Thelen
Daily Vault (USA)

"Australia is not known for producing many power metal bands but PEGAZUS has ensured that the flame remains lit......
the musicianship is first rate with melodic and chunky riffs rolling along amongst the many wild licks and solos."

Prawnman (Australia)

"PEGAZUS are riding the wave high and proud with their classic sound and air tight delivery!
Reaching to the past when being more extreme, faster and heavier than the next guy took a backseat to actually writing quality songs and playing with dedication and a love of hard rock!"
Jeb Branin (USA)

"This is perhaps the closest to the genuine metal article that I have heard over the past several years! PEGAZUS sounds like the real deal! This is how to do it right!!!"
Al Kikuras (USA)

"PEGAZUS has added to power metal nowadays, something which seems to be missing in the performance of similar bands in that style!"
Bjorn (Sweden)

"Australia is not exactly a hotbed for metal, or much of any kind of music but there are a few powder kegs on the island, one of the biggest of them is most certainly PEGAZUS !!!......and in a flash of steel, the winged horse took off into flight from the land Down Under......home of this great Heavy Metal beast!
If you're looking for some great classic power metal, you won't go wrong with PEGAZUS!"
Josh Cook
Battle Helm (USA)

"Appreciated return on the scene of one of the most underrated formations of the power metal scene, PEGAZUS!
......Classic Heavy Metal, that the group interprets with much energy and emphasis!"
Manuel Gentile (Italy)

"While AC/DC is the biggest representative hard rock act from Australia, at least in the 90's a new band appeared on the scene to conquer the world, but in a more underground way and within the genre Heavy Metal: PEGAZUS !!!"

Carlos Afonso (Brazil)

"It's not so easy to be a band from down under (Australia) and to be so damn heavy metal......PEGAZUS rule their scene in their country and that's because they are THE BEST!"
Manos Fountoulakis
Metal Guide (Greece)

"PEGAZUS is one of the most convincingly true metal bands I've heard since the mid eighties......the choruses are so catchy you will remember the songs after one listen......every song on this CD has it's own identity, yet it all fits into the same mould......excellent true metal in this age!"
Syzygial (USA)

"The dawning of the metal age is undoubtably upon us......originating from the land down under and bringing us this mighty slab of metallic genius! PEGAZUS prove that they can "Deliver The Goods!"
Lunatic (South Africa)

"PEGAZUS are one of the few bands that have a PURE Heavy Metal sound!!!"
Metal Dreams (USA)

"Christ! This is an unbelievable release!!! These guys ROCK, plain and simple! Terrific melodic power metal from Australia!
No AC/DC clones here buddy!......kick ass vocals, breathtaking guitar work and songs!
Out f**king standing!!! Highly, highly recommended!"
80smetal (USA)

"This album was a nice surprise and threw me off guard a bit......this Aussie outfit play a very clean classic 80's Heavy Metal......PEGAZUS love epic riffing and uptempo, epic sounding songs with flavorful classy guitar solos and vocals that glide across the air with a slickness!"
Bobby (USA)

"From the recent revival of Heavy Metal, almost no band who praises the big bands of the NWOBHM has succeeded in reaching the style of the glorious 80's like PEGAZUS has!!! These four Australians convince with their excellent musical abilities!"
Invader (Germany)

"A Pegasus has opened it's wings and we are going to take a trip through the enchanting world of HEAVY METAL......witching melodies, classic sharp riffs with real catchy songs! So come on, JOIN THE FLIGHT!"

Hercules Horaitis
Altars Of Metal (Greece)

"I am extremely impressed with this band that execute an old style of 80's heavy/power metal mixed with a slight NWOBHM influence!"
Canadian Assault (Canada)

"PEGAZUS are great musicians who have put together a great album that all heavy metal maniacs can shake their studded fist to as they sing along with the catchy choruses......BRILLIANT!"
Metal Crusader (USA)

"Heavy Metal THUNDER from Australia in a great old school vein!"
Here Be Monsters (USA)

"Struth Bruce! It's tricky trying to type and headbang at the same time, it's a wonder this review ever got written......slap this power metal epic on and the proverbial gauntlet is firmly down.
PEGAZUS challenge, nay, dare you to remain unrocked!"
Terrorizer (UK)

"PEGAZUS are an exciting metal band from...Australia! There have been not so many bands that have come out of this country......but PEGAZUS is a real surprise! This is traditional in metal chains and leather style......another great album
worth buying!"
BSchwanke (Germany)

"PEGAZUS is carrying the legacy of Heavy Metal into the next Millenium......they are highly considered without a doubt to be the top metal band from Australia! Their heroic power style is a testimony to the masters that preceded them......the band's glorious anthems will loosen your neck up for some serious headbanging! PEGAZUS are here to take the adventurous spirit back 15 years where many got started!"
Music Rock Showcase (USA)

"Ahhhhh......classic metal, leather, studs, long hair, and the unmistakable metal sound with a real vocalist to boot!
PEGAZUS are to Australia what Aska are to America and Hammerfall are to Europe......truly music that accelerates
hair growth. Highly Recommended!"
Troy Harris (Australia)

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