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Matte is married!

Matte is married! - 2002-02-15

2002-02-15 - Hello !
Matte from GODGORY here.
I got some news for you. The 2/2-2002 did I get married to a Russian goddess named Elena Pravikova.
The cermony was held in my hometown Karlstad, Sweden.
I´m a very happy and privileged to have found such a beautiful & talented wife.
She is also into music, she plays keyboard and got her one girl project called GOTHIC LETHARGY, if you are
into music such as LYCIA, COCTEAU TWINS you should check out her project.

We have talked about to do some musical project together, don´t know when but sometime in the future.
I love her a lot and I´m very pleased with my situation as a married man.

Take care & have it great.

Friendly greetings from: Matte GODGORY

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