SCORPION CHILD – debut out now, stream entire album!

SCORPION CHILD – debut out now, stream ent... - 2013-06-21

2013-06-21 - Austin, Texas classic rock sensation SCORPION CHILD's stunning self titled debut album is out now via Nuclear Blast!

The band has made the entire album (featuring hit singles 'Polygon Of Eyes' and 'Liquor') available for stream over at Planet Rock UK. Head over to to check it out.

»Scorpion Child« can be ordered on CD, vinyl or as digital download via

Also be sure to check out the stunning performance/lyric video for 'Polygon Of Eyes': as well as the lyric video for the latest single, 'Liquor':


Meeting SCORPION CHILD part 1:

Meeting SCORPION CHILD part 2:

Meeting SCORPION CHILD part 3:

Track by track w/ Aryn Jonathan Black:

Media & musician quotes:
“Led Zeppelin slip through the tunnel of time: intense, colorful vintage hard rock wir a strong unique edge.” // Daniel Böhm (ROCKS)

„Is it 1970 again? These five texans did it right: killer riffs, amazing singing, and a powerful, down to earth production. Scorpion Child is the album Led Zeppelin refuse to record!“ // Alexander Pozniak, GUITAR (GER)

„...a real classic rock gem!“ // Andreas Himmelstein, ROCK HARD (GER)

“The next big thing!” // Torben Brüderle, BLAST! (GER)

“Something wicked this way comes! Time to get your bell-bottoms out!” // Nadine Ahlig, ORKUS (GER)

“70ies heavy rock must not perish – that's what SCORPION CHILD are fighting for. With an exclamation mark!” // Jan Schwarzkamp, VISIONS (GER)

“Raw and in your face!” // Chris Grenzer, ROCK IT (GER)

„Really big vintage rock entertainment! A lavish mixture of heavy riffs, powerful rhythms, dirty vocals and an unusual refreshingly heaviness. These guys will be in the front row of the nevertheless great retro rock scene!“ // Jürgen Tschamler, EMP, Classic Rock Magazin Germany

“As if you had discovered a gem in your father's record collection... Awesome!” // Timon Menge, METALNEWS.DE, 6/7 Pts. (GER)

“In the 70s there was LED ZEPPELIN. In the 90s we had THE BLACK CROWES. In 2013 SCORPION CHILD adds another chapter to the legacy of killer blues-based heavy rock!” // Pim Blankenstein, LORDS OF METAL (NL), 85/100 Pts.

“Love at first listen!” // Alex Milas, METAL HAMMER (UK)

“Some mighty impressine shredding, a dramatic pause and then... Blam! Evoking memories of early 80's Rainbow and Iron Maiden, this single by the Austin-based four-piece leaves you do breathless that you hardly have to time to wonder what a "Polygon Of Eyes" actually is.” // CLASSIC ROCK UK

“Scorpion Child brings us back to the 70’s with a Stunning Psychedelic Heavy Rock self titled album” // METALLIAN (F)
„Killer heavy riffs, amazing rock-steady voice and catchy songs .Texas based Scorpion Child deliver a Rock Sensation album“ // MYROCK (F)

“Regarding the music we can find Led Zeppelin, Blue Cheer, metal music of the origins and southern rock.
At the beginning all that was called “Stoned Rock”, but now it’s just an energetic and exciting mix of sounds” // ROCK HARD (IT)

"A nice young band that keeps the tradition of 70's hard rock alive." // LAGROSSE RADIO PARIS (FR)

“The best classic rock band of the world. Full stop.” // Mario Ruggeri, RUMORE MAGAZINE (I)

”Aryn Jonathan Black has one of the best voices I've ever heard. His range is outrageous. And thankfully, it is accompanied by proper rock and roll riffage. SCORPION CHILD is unapologetic classic rock... just as the ancient ones intended.” // Neil Fallon, CLUTCH

"We live in an age where bands trying to emulate the Rock Gods of the 70's and 80's are two-a-penny, almost all of them fail. Scorpion Child are different. Having heard them and having had the pleasure of seeing them every night on tour, I can confirm that Scorpion Child are the real deal. Thunderous drums, huge riffs, quality songs and in Aryn Jonathan Black, a singer and frontman that brings to mind Robert Plant AND Paul Rodgers............Scorpion Child are destined for greatness!" // Ben Ward, ORANGE GOBLIN
“…Scorpion Child is a present-day, psychedelic, hard rock band that pulls influences from Zeppelin and Rainbow. All of their songs are ridiculously well-composed and they put on an incredible live performance. If you’ve never seen them, I highly suggest you make it out to their next show. This band conveys anything but your average arena-rock concert experience.” // LA Metal Siege (US)

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